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Nurturing the Next Generation of Convergent Science Thinkers

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Cedars-Sinai Cancer clinicians and investigators have embraced the world of convergent science to such an extent that our efforts now extend outward to training emerging researchers well beyond our campus. This education-focused work has the potential to transform the concept of convergence into something more holistic and powerful than previously envisioned, transcending the disciplines of medicine, engineering and computer sciences to reach into the realms of policy, socioeconomics and, above all, population health.

“Our programs help students harness the value of wearables and other digital technologies to reduce cancer incidence and improve cancer outcomes across the diverse populations in our community.”
– Patricia Thompson, PhD

Training Ground for Future Convergent Scientists

An essential part of this mission involves formal training and funding of scientists to think across disciplines, collaborate effectively and imagine solutions without barriers. The 10-student pilot class of the Undergraduates Gaining Research Opportunities for the Cancer Workforce (U-GROW) Internship Program, a partnership between Cedars-Sinai and seven California State University campuses, aims to train undergraduate students from historically underserved populations in conducting cancer prevention and control research.

For clinical and research professionals, the Convergent Science Virtual Cancer Center (CSVCC, exists to mentor and support early-career investigators at leading institutions across the country. The goal is to rapidly achieve measurable progress through multidisciplinary, solution-oriented projects. CSVCC scholars have already published numerous studies, presented at national events and filed patents.

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Cedars-Sinai Cancer is reaching out to talented undergraduates from diverse backgrounds to introduce them to convergent science concepts and the wide range of cancer research careers available to them.

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