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Faculty Publications: Sept. 7-14


A Comprehensive Digest of Research Publications From Cedars-Sinai Investigators

This week’s edition of Faculty Publications includes Cedars-Sinai studies that were published Sept. 7-14.

Biomedical Sciences

Quantification of Carotid Plaque Composition With a Multi-Contrast Atherosclerosis Characterization (MATCH) MRI Sequence. Kassem, Mohamed, Kelly P. H. Nies, Ellen Boswijk, Jochem van der Pol, Mueez Aizaz, Marion J. J. Gijbels, Debiao Li, Jan Bucerius, Werner H. Mess, Joachim E. Wildberger, Robert J. van Oostenbrugge, Rik P. M. Moonen, Zhaoyang Fan, and M. Eline Kooi. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 10: 1227495.

Translational Roadmap for Regenerative Therapies of Eye Disease. Levin, Leonard A., Michael F. Chiang, Michael A. Dyer, Thomas N. Greenwell, Clive N. Svendsen, Santa J. Tumminia, Russell N. Van Gelder, and Rachel O. Wong. Med (New York, N.Y.) 4 (9): 583–90.

Comparative Membrane Lipidomics of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells Reveals Diacylglycerol and Ceramide as Key Regulators of Wnt/?-Catenin Signaling and Tumor Growth. Azbazdar, Yagmur, Yeliz Demirci, Guillaume Heger, Dogac Ipekgil, Mustafa Karabicici, and Gunes Ozhan. Molecular Oncology, September.


Long-Term Safety and Antihypertensive Effects of Renal Denervation: Current Insights. Reyes, Klevin Roger L., and Florian Rader. Integrated Blood Pressure Control 16: 59–70.

Sex Differences in Quality of Life in Patients With Ischemia With No Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease (INOCA): A Patient Self-Report Retrospective Survey From INOCA International. Ranasinghe, Sachini, C. Noel Bairey Merz, Najah Khan, Janet Wei, Maria George, Colin Berry, Alaide Chieffo, Paolo G. Camici, Filippo Crea, Juan Carlos Kaski, Mario Marzilli, and Martha Gulati. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (17): 5646.

Recurrent Calcified Nodule Protrusion Through Stent Struts After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of the RCA. Madhavan, Mahesh V., Marissa Alsaloum, Akiko Maehara, Shawn Gogia, Jinhyun Lee, Khady Fall, Megha Prasad, Margaret B. McEntegart, and Ajay J. Kirtane. JACC. Cardiovascular Interventions, August, S1936-8798(23)01110-X.

Cardio-Obstetrics and Heart Failure: JACC: Heart Failure State-of-the-Art Review. DeFilippis, Ersilia M., Catriona Bhagra, Jillian Casale, Patricia Ging, Francesca Macera, Lynn Punnoose, Kismet Rasmusson, Garima Sharma, Karen Sliwa, Sara Thorne, Mary Norine Walsh, and Michelle M. Kittleson. JACC. Heart Failure 11 (9): 1165–80.

17 ?-Estradiol Impedes Aortic Root Dilation and Rupture in Male Marfan Mice. Saddic, Louis, Sean Escopete, Lior Zilberberg, Shannon Kalsow, Divya Gupta, Mansoureh Eghbali, and Sarah Parker. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (17): 13571.

Impact of Eccentric Jet on Outcomes in Patients With Atrial Functional Mitral Regurgitation: an Echocardiographic Study. Hasegawa, Hiroko, Ken Kuwajima, Shunsuke Kagawa, Takafumi Yamane, Florian Rader, Robert J. Siegel, and Takahiro Shiota. International Journal of Cardiology, September, 131342.

Invasive Coronary Assessment in Myocardial Ischemia With No Obstructive Coronary Arteries. Takahashi, Tatsunori, Aakriti Gupta, Bruce A. Samuels, and Janet Wei. Current Atherosclerosis Reports, September.

Outcome Prediction Score for Mitral Transcatheter Edge-to-Edge Repair in Patients With Concomitant Significant Tricuspid Regurgitation. Shechter, Alon, Danon Kaewkes, Vivek Patel, Mordehay Vaturi, Felix Wangmang, Keita Koseki, Ofir Koren, Takashi Nagasaka, Moody Makar, Tarun Chakravarty, Sabah Skaf, Raj R. Makkar, and Robert J. Siegel. Hellenic Journal of Cardiology, September, S1109-9666(23)00155-0.

Treatment of Human Cardiac Fibroblasts With the Protein Arginine Deiminase Inhibitor BB-Cl-Amidine Activates the Nrf2/HO-1 Signaling Pathway. Stachowicz, Aneta, Alia Sadiq, Brian Walker, Niveda Sundararaman, and Justyna Fert-Bober. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 167 (September): 115443.

A Deep Learning-Based Electrocardiogram Risk Score for Long Term Cardiovascular Death and Disease. Hughes, J. Weston, James Tooley, Jessica Torres Soto, Anna Ostropolets, Tim Poterucha, Matthew Kai Christensen, Neal Yuan, Ben Ehlert, Dhamanpreet Kaur, Guson Kang, Albert Rogers, Sanjiv Narayan, Pierre Elias, David Ouyang, Euan Ashley, James Zou, and Marco V. Perez. NPJ Digital Medicine 6 (1): 169.

Hemodynamic Manifestations of Concomitant Radiation-Induced Tricuspid Regurgitation and Pericardial Constriction Undergoing Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Repair. Truong, Katie P., Marcella Calfon Press, Peyman Benharash, Saibal Kar, Norman E. Lepor, Gabriel Vorobiof, and Eric H. Yang. Circulation. Heart Failure, September, e010170.

Sex-Specific Associations of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Risk With Patient Characteristics and Functional Outcomes After Acute Myocardial Infarction: Evidence from the VIRGO Study. Gupta, Aakriti, Andrea B. Barthel, Shiwani Mahajan, Rachel P. Dreyer, Henry Yaggi, Héctor Bueno, Judith H. Lichtman, and Harlan M. Krumholz. Journal of the American Heart Association, September, e027225.

Comprehensive Management of ANOCA, Part 2-Program Development, Treatment, and Research Initiatives: JACC State-of-the-Art Review. Smilowitz, Nathaniel R., Megha Prasad, R. Jay Widmer, Olga Toleva, Odayme Quesada, Nadia R. Sutton, Amir Lerman, Harmony R. Reynolds, Manoj Kesarwani, Michael P. Savage, Joseph M. Sweeny, Katherine B. Janaszek, Ailin Barseghian El-Farra, Noa Holoshitz, Ki Park, Ahmed Albadri, John A. Blair, Allen Jeremias, Kathleen E. Kearney, Yuhei Kobayashi, Steven E. S. Miner, Bruce A. Samuels, Samit M. Shah, Viviany R. Taqueti, Janet Wei, William F. Fearon, Jeffery W. Moses, Timothy D. Henry, Jennifer A. Tremmel, and Microvascular Network (MVN). Journal of the American College of Cardiology 82 (12): 1264–79.

Comprehensive Management of ANOCA, Part 1-Definition, Patient Population, and Diagnosis: JACC State-of-the-Art Review. Samuels, Bruce A., Samit M. Shah, R. Jay Widmer, Yuhei Kobayashi, Steven E. S. Miner, Viviany R. Taqueti, Allen Jeremias, Ahmed Albadri, John A. Blair, Kathleen E. Kearney, Janet Wei, Ki Park, Ailin Barseghian El-Farra, Noa Holoshitz, Katherine B. Janaszek, Manoj Kesarwani, Amir Lerman, Megha Prasad, Odayme Quesada, Harmony R. Reynolds, Michael P. Savage, Nathaniel R. Smilowitz, Nadia R. Sutton, Joseph M. Sweeny, Olga Toleva, Timothy D. Henry, Jeffery W. Moses, William F. Fearon, Jennifer A. Tremmel, and Microvascular Network (MVN). Journal of the American College of Cardiology 82 (12): 1245–63.

Management of the Sensitized Heart Transplant Candidate. Kittleson, Michelle M. Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation 28 (5): 362–69.


Standardized Medical Terminology for Cardiac Computed Tomography 2023 Update: An Expert Consensus Document of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT), American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), American College of Radiology (ACR), North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging (NASCI), and Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) With Endorsement by the Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (ASCI), the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACI), and the European Society of Cardiovascular Radiology (ESCR). Koweek, Lynne, Stephan Achenbach, Daniel S. Berman, J. Jeffrey Carr, Ricardo C. Cury, Brian Ghoshhajra, Diana Litmanovich, Cynthia H. McCollough, Allen J. Taylor, Quynh A. Truong, Jia Wang, W. Guy Weigold, Armin Arbab-Zadeh, Suhny Abbara, and Marcus Y. Chen. Radiology. Cardiothoracic Imaging 5 (4): e230167.


Treatment Patterns, Adherence, Persistence, and Health Care Resource Utilization in Acromegaly: A Real-World Analysis. Fleseriu, Maria, Ariel Barkan, Thierry Brue, Edouard Duquesne, Aude Houchard, Maria Del Pilar Schneider, Antonio Ribeiro-Oliveira, and Shlomo Melmed. Journal of the Endocrine Society 7 (10): bvad104.

Atlas of Primary Cell-Type-Specific Sequence Models of Gene Expression and Variant Effects. Sokolova, Ksenia, Chandra L. Theesfeld, Aaron K. Wong, Zijun Zhang, Kara Dolinski, and Olga G. Troyanskaya. Cell Reports Methods, September, 100580.

Multiscale Genetic Architecture of Donor-Recipient Differences Reveals Intronic LIMS1 Mismatches Associated With Kidney Transplant Survival. Sun, Zeguo, Zhongyang Zhang, Khadija Banu, Ian W. Gibson, Robert B. Colvin, Zhengzi Yi, Weijia Zhang, Bony De Kumar, Anand Reghuvaran, John Pell, Thomas D. Manes, Arjang Djamali, Lorenzo Gallon, Philip J. O’Connell, John He, Jordan S. Pober, Peter S. Heeger, and Madhav C. Menon. The Journal of Clinical Investigation, September, e170420.

Quantitative Whole-Tissue 3D Imaging Reveals Bacteria in Close Association With Mouse Jejunum Mucosa. Poceviciute, Roberta, Said R. Bogatyrev, Anna E. Romano, Amanda H. Dilmore, Octavio Mondragón-Palomino, Heli Takko, Ojas Pradhan, and Rustem F. Ismagilov. NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes 9 (1): 64.

Senolytic Therapy in Mild Alzheimer’s Disease: A Phase 1 Feasibility Trial. Gonzales, Mitzi M., Valentina R. Garbarino, Tiffany F. Kautz, Juan Pablo Palavicini, Marisa Lopez-Cruzan, Shiva Kazempour Dehkordi, Julia J. Mathews, Habil Zare, Peng Xu, Bin Zhang, Crystal Franklin, Mohamad Habes, Suzanne Craft, Ronald C. Petersen, Tamara Tchkonia, James L. Kirkland, Arash Salardini, Sudha Seshadri, Nicolas Musi, and Miranda E. Orr. Nature Medicine, September.

HERTHENA-Lung01, a Phase II Trial of Patritumab Deruxtecan (HER3-DXd) in Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Mutated Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer After Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Therapy and Platinum-Based Chemotherapy. Yu, Helena A., Yasushi Goto, Hidetoshi Hayashi, Enriqueta Felip, James Chih-Hsin Yang, Martin Reck, Kiyotaka Yoh, Se-Hoon Lee, Luis Paz-Ares, Benjamin Besse, Paolo Bironzo, Dong-Wan Kim, Melissa L. Johnson, Yi-Long Wu, Thomas John, Steven Kao, Toshiyuki Kozuki, Erminia Massarelli, Jyoti Patel, Egbert Smit, Karen L. Reckamp, Qian Dong, Pomy Shrestha, Pang-Dian Fan, Parul Patel, Andrea Sporchia, David W. Sternberg, Dalila Sellami, and Pasi A. Jänne. Journal of Clinical Oncology, September, JCO2301476.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Like Symptoms in Quiescent Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Practical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Organic Causes. Lim, Jane, and Ali Rezaie. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, September.

A Prospective Multi-Center Observational Study of Surgical Versus Non-Surgical Management for Pituitary Apoplexy. Mamelak, Adam N., Andrew S. Little, Paul A. Gardner, João Paulo Almeida, Pablo Recinos, Pranay Soni, Varun R. Kshettry, John A. Jane, Garni Barkhoudarian, Daniel F. Kelly, Robert Dodd, Debraj Mukherjee, Zachary C. Gersey, Noriaki Fukuhara, Hiroshi Nishioka, Eui-Hyun Kim, Claude-Fabien Litré, Elliott Sina, Mia W. Mazer, Yujie Cui, and Vivien Bonert. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, September, dgad541.

Trajectories and Risk Factors of Fatigue Following Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis. Li, Xiaoyin, Aasha I. Hoogland, Brent J. Small, Sylvia L. Crowder, Brian D. Gonzalez, Laura B. Oswald, Alix G. Sleight, Nathalie Nguyen, Nicole C. Lorona, Victoria Damerell, Khaled R. Komrokji, Kathi Mooney, Mary C. Playdon, Cornelia M. Ulrich, Christopher I. Li, David Shibata, Adetunji T. Toriola, Jennifer Ose, Anita R. Peoples, Erin M. Siegel, Julienne E. Bower, Martin Schneider, Biljana Gigic, Jane C. Figueiredo, and Heather S. L. Jim. Colorectal Disease, September.

Assessing Past Versus Present Severe Acute Respiratory Coronavirus Virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Infection: A Survey of Criteria for Discontinuing Precautions in Asymptomatic Patients Testing Positive on Admission. Gohil, Shruti K., Annabelle De St Maurice, Deborah S. Yokoe, Stuart H. Cohen, Francesca J. Torriani, Jonathan D. Grein, Philip A. Robinson, Shannon Mabalot, Jessica Park, Paula Pedrani, Richard Platt, and Susan S. Huang. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, September, 1–4.

The Infinite Game: One Possible Future of Anesthesia in the United States. Sherrer, D. Matthew, Richard P. Dutton, Nirav Kamdar, Lynn Reede, Mitchell H. Tsai, Dan E. Berkowitz, and Thomas R. Vetter. Anesthesia and Analgesia, September.

Optimizing Stress-Only Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: A Clinical Prediction Model to Improve Patient Selection. Martineau, Patrick J., Matthieu Pelletier-Galarneau, Piotr Slomka, Andrew L. Goertzen, and William D. Leslie. Nuclear Medicine Communications, September.

The Role of Intestine in Metabolic Dysregulation in Murine Wilson Disease. Sarode, Gaurav V., Tagreed A. Mazi, Kari Neier, Noreene M. Shibata, Guillaume Jospin, Nathaniel H. O. Harder, Amanda Caceres, Marie C. Heffern, Ashok K. Sharma, Shyam K. More, Maneesh Dave, Shannon M. Schroeder, Li Wang, Janine M. LaSalle, Svetlana Lutsenko, and Valentina Medici. Hepatology Communications 7 (10): e0247.


Laboratory Evaluation for the Differential Diagnosis of Possible Multiple Sclerosis in the United States: A Physician Survey. Mustafa, Rafid, Eoin P. Flanagan, Dustin J. Duffy, Brian G. Weinshenker, M. Mateo Paz Soldán, Amy Kunchok, Marwa Kaisey, and Andrew J. Solomon. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 453 (September): 120781.


Dihydromyricetin Supplementation Improves Ethanol-Induced Lipid Accumulation and Inflammation. Janilkarn-Urena, Isis, Alina Idrissova, Mindy Zhang, Masha VanDreal, Neysa Sanghavi, Samantha G. Skinner, Sydney Cheng, Zeyu Zhang, Junji Watanabe, Liana Asatryan, Enrique Cadenas, and Daryl L. Davies. Frontiers in Nutrition 10: 1201007.

Large Core Thrombectomies: Are We Still Conflicted or Confident. Mehta, Tapan, and Nestor Gonzalez. Stroke 54 (9): 2313–15.

CSF-Venous Fistula of the Clival Skull Base: A Unique Case Study and Literature Review. Simmons, Jordan K., Wasiq Nadeem, Marcel M. Maya, Arthur W. Wu, Wouter I. Schievink, Adam N. Mamelak, and Dennis M. Tang. The Laryngoscope, September.

Correspondence on ‘Cerebral Aneurysms: Germany-Wide Real-World Outcome Data of Endovascular or Neurosurgical Treatment from 2007 to 2019’ by Haverkamp et Al. Cole, Tyler S. Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery, September, jnis-2023-020786.


Addressing Sustainability in the Operating Room. Melnyk, Alexandra I., Clarissa Niino, and Kelly N. Wright. Urogynecology (Philadelphia, Pa.) 29 (9): 719–24.

Data Equity for Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander People in Reproductive Health Research. Heyrana, Katrina J., Bliss Kaneshiro, Reni Soon, Brian T. Nguyen, and Melissa F. Natavio. Obstetrics and Gynecology, September.


Increasing Cervical Kyphosis Correlates With Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease in Patients With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. Lin, Adrian, David L. Skaggs, Lindsay M. Andras, Vernon Tolo, Benita Tamrazi, and Kenneth D. Illingworth. Spine, September.


Spatial Assessments in Texture Analysis: What the Radiologist Needs to Know. Varghese, Bino A., Brandon K. K. Fields, Darryl H. Hwang, Vinay A. Duddalwar, George R. Matcuk, and Steven Y. Cen. Frontiers in Radiology 3: 1240544.


Human Breast Organoid Models for Lactation Research. Lee, Jenny, Yan Liu, Edward Ray, Armando E. Giuliano, and Xiaojiang Cui. Reproduction and Breeding 3 (3): 125–30.

Multicenter Phase II Trial of Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision for Rectal Cancer: Preliminary Results. Sylla, Patricia, Dana Sands, Alison Ricardo, Antoinette Bonaccorso, Alexandros Polydorides, Mariana Berho, John Marks, Justin Maykel, Karim Alavi, Karen Zaghiyan, Mark Whiteford, Elisabeth Mclemore, Sami Chadi, Sherief F. Shawki, Scott Steele, Alessio Pigazzi, Matthew Albert, Teresa DeBeche-Adams, Erin Moshier, and Steven D. Wexner. Surgical Endoscopy, September.

Development and Validation of a Novel Hollow Viscus Injury Prediction Score for Abdominal Seatbelt Sign: A Pacific Coast Surgical Association Multicenter Study. Santos, Jeffrey, Patrick T. Delaplain, Erika Tay-Lasso, Walter L. Biffl, Kathryn B. Schaffer, Margaret Sundel, Mira Ghneim, Todd W. Costantini, Jarrett E. Santorelli, Emily Switzer, Morgan Schellenberg, Jessica A. Keeley, Dennis Y. Kim, Andrew Wang, Navpreet K. Dhillon, Deven Patel, Eric M. Campion, Caitlin K. Robinson, Susan Kartiko, Megan T. Quintana, Jordan M. Estroff, Katharine A. Kirby, Areg Grigorian, and Jeffry Nahmias. Journal of the American College of Surgeons, September.

Great Debates: Neoadjuvant Therapy Should Be Routinely Given for High-Risk Cholangiocarcinoma. Tran Cao, Hop S., Cristina Ferrone, Shishir K. Maithel, and Flavio G. Rocha. Annals of Surgical Oncology, September.


Application of Next-Generation Imaging in Biochemically Recurrent Prostate Cancer. Moul, Judd W., Neal D. Shore, Kenneth J. Pienta, Johannes Czernin, Martin T. King, and Stephen J. Freedland. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, September.

Biochemical Recurrence in Patients With Prostate Cancer after Primary Definitive Therapy: Treatment Based on Risk Stratification. Shore, Neal D., Judd W. Moul, Kenneth J. Pienta, Johannes Czernin, Martin T. King, and Stephen J. Freedland. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, September.

Relative Search Popularity of Five Advanced Prostate Cancer Medications Using Google Trends. Das, Sanjay, Nadine A. Friedrich, James Daniels, G. Cecilia Galvan, Jun Gong, Edwin Posadas, William Aronson, and Stephen J. Freedland. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, September.

Single-Cell Profiling of Murine Bladder Cancer Identifies Sex-Specific Transcriptional Signatures with Prognostic Relevance. Abdel-Hafiz, Hany A., Saravana Kumar Kailasam Mani, Wesley Huang, Kenneth H. Gouin, Yuzhou Chang, Tong Xiao, Qin Ma, Zihai Li, Simon R. V. Knott, and Dan Theodorescu. iScience 26 (9): 107703.