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Cedars-Sinai Cancer Releases 2024 Annual Report

Report Highlights Cedars-Sinai Cancer's Focus on Populations, Discovery and Impact

The 2024 Cedars-Sinai Cancer Annual Report is now accessible. By harnessing the collective expertise of top cancer researchers and leveraging leading-edge Al technology, Cedars-Sinai Cancer is transforming cancer research and patient care through improved screening, innovative treatments and community outreach initiatives.

Highlights from this year's report include:

Addressing Community-Level Needs With Precision

Cedars-Sinai Cancer, situated in the diverse landscape of Los Angeles, excels in tailoring cancer care to its community's unique needs. Through ambitious research projects, investigators aim to bridge gaps in diagnostic and outcome disparities while also focusing on understudied tumors and populations.

Leading From the Lab: Bridging Basic Science to Clinical Impact

With a steadfast commitment to translation and real-world impact, Cedars-Sinai Cancer researchers are dedicated to reducing disparities and enhancing survival rates for patients battling often overlooked, aggressive and treatment-resistant cancers. Ongoing studies encompass diverse areas such as understanding breast cancer risk in transgender men, exploring sex-related factors in bladder cancer incidence and unraveling the molecular processes influencing treatment-resistant prostate cancer.

Changing Medical Practice Through Successful Translational Research

Cedars-Sinai Cancer's scientists prioritize converting scientific insights into tangible medical progress with a strategic focus on research that directly benefits patients, either through immediate application in clinical practice or potentially groundbreaking foundational discoveries.

Crafting Technologies to Shape the Future of Medicine

Cedars-Sinai's Department of Computational Biomedicine has expanded to house the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education (CAIRE). CAIRE concentrates on AI automation, ethical considerations and education. By fostering synergies between scientific data and clinical care centers, this initiative aims to catalyze transformative discoveries spanning lung and breast cancer, brain tumors, and hidden prostate lesions.

Cultivating a Diverse Pool of Leaders in Cancer Care and Research

The Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination Office at Cedars-Sinai supports the development of the next generation of cancer specialists while actively addressing disparities in both professional and patient communities.

To access the full 2024 Cedars-Sinai Cancer Annual Report, please click here. For additional information, visit