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Breastlink Tarzana

As part of our ongoing commitment to high-quality, comprehensive breast care, we are excited to announce our new High-Risk Program, in partnership with Cedars Sinai Cancer and Ambry Genetics. This program will identify your patients who are at an elevated risk for developing breast cancer.

Every patient at Breastlink Tarzana will receive a no-cost, voluntary high risk assessment questionnaire prior to their appointment via text or email. If the results, using the Tyrer-Cuzick (TC) Risk Model, indicate an elevated risk of breast cancer, the results will be communicated to you and the patient.

If a patient’s assessment indicates a 20% or higher lifetime risk of breast cancer, they will be recommended for a personalized risk-assessment consultation with a Breast Specialist.

Genetic testing will also be offered at the time of the patient’s appointment, if the assessment results meet the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) guidelines for genetic testing. Our 36-gene panel screens for eight major cancers and syndromes. The majority of these genes have medical management guidelines recommended by NCCN.

To assist you and your patients with this program we have a dedicated Nurse Navigator. The Navigator will work directly with you and your staff to coordinate recommended follow-up, such as breast MRI, and connect with high-risk patients to answer their questions. They will help patients navigate the process, and coordinate care.

Following the patient’s exam, you will receive the following documents:

  1. Breast Imaging Report with TC score
  2. Genetic Testing Report (if testing is performed)
  3. Genetic Counseling Notes (if performed)

We appreciate your continued confidence and look forward to providing the best care possible to your patients at Breastlink Women’s Imaging Center Tarzana. Our shared goal of promoting overall health and wellness within our community will continue to change the way women receive their breast care.

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