ADA-friendly PDF: cedars-sinai-heart-2020-annual-report

Cedars Sinai Heart 2020 Annual Report

We know from experience: There is no straight, predictable path to a pioneering medical discovery. We have created the optimal conditions for investigators at the Smidt Heart Institute to pursue every promising new direction that could lead to a lifesaving innovation in cardiovascular medicine. Our researchers inspire each other to venture into uncharted terrain as they collaborate across disciplines. Laboratories and clinics are conveniently located under one roof, making it easy for clinical scientists to brainstorm and share knowledge across the many areas in which they have deep expertise—including transplantation, cell therapy, congenital heart disease, women’s heart health, valve disorders, arrhythmia and hypertension. We also collaborate with investigators throughout the nation and the world who share our commitment to improving patients’ lives. The common denominator in all our efforts to conquer the biggest challenges in cardiovascular care is respect for every bold new idea that could spark the next major breakthrough in prevention, diagnosis and treatment. This report highlights the progress we are making—with a mindset always open to new ways of thinking, which could lead to more effective ways of healing.