11th Annual New Therapeutics in Oncology: The Road to Personalized Medicine Featuring The Fenmore Lectureship and The Redlich Lectureship

Date & Location
Friday, November 11, 2022, 1:30 PM - Saturday, November 12, 2022, 4:30 PM PST
Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, 8555 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Target Audience
Specialties - Hematology, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Pain Management, Radiation Oncology, Surgery

This important educational activity will provide guidance to front-line and oncology clinicians, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and pharmacists, with the most current information available about new agents in oncology and translating of the latest research to their patients. The conference will cover drug and treatment updates with a focus on myeloma, gynecological malignancies, hematologic malignancies, sarcoma, bladder cancer and GI malignancies. The conference features a comprehensive review of new drugs approved along with their mechanism of action, next generation CAR-T cell therapies and a keynote lecture, Stand Up to Cancer focusing on developmental therapeutics. Next generation studies will also be addressed, and the conference will offer participants a session designed to provide insight into the latest advances in lung cancer treatment, including integration of new molecularly-targeted therapies and immunotherapy.


  1. Evaluate new, emerging and novel therapeutic agents, advances in care, and clinical trials data and apply relevant findings into the management of cancer patients

  2. Develop personalized treatment plans for patients based upon an evaluation of efficacy and safety of current and newly approved agents and therapeutic options

  3. Integrate appropriate strategies into clinical practice to optimize the management of patients with gynecologic malignancies to improve patient outcomes

  4. Utilize AJCC or other appropriate staging in clinical practice, including appropriate prognostic indicators and evidence-based national guidelines for treatment planning

  5. Anticipate the needs and issues of cancer survivors and develop an individualized wellness plan in partnership with cancer survivors, their families and the healthcare team


September 8, 2022


November 11, 2022